Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Forewarned is well armed. Make that your mantra for the new millennium. Knowledge is power and it is your most important weapon; then some serious armament, and lots and lots of ammo. In a SHTF America scenario, there will be bad guys that will want what you have: whether that be your food, water, shelter, precious metals, or your family.

Insanity will reign in the inner cities of major metro areas and this violence will spread to the suburbs. The mentality and psychology of the population in the major metro areas is very different than that of smallville. If these people riot and loot after their pro basketball team wins a championship, what will they do when the SHTF in America and their survival is at stake?

In a major event like the Big One expected in Southern California; and also on the East Coast from Washington DC to New York, a SHTF America scenario could develop by EMP, nuclear device, or natural disaster that is beyond the government's ability to respond. There simply are not enough police, national guard, or troops available to contain inner city residents on the move. Make no mistake: they will assault you, kill you, or enslave you and yours on a whim.

There are those now, who are willing to do such things for no apparent reason. We see it on the six oclock news and read about it in the paper, or online, every day. Only last week in Phoenix, and in a respectable area of the city, a young man was standing out in front of his house when a car drove up with two men, who brandished a gun and demanded his money. He gave them what he had. They shot him anyway.

Desperate times make very desperate men, and these desperadoes, men and women alike, who have not "prepped" for a SHTF America occasion, will want to take what you have. You will be required to defend yourself and your family at all costs. That is; at all costs to the intruders who desire what you have.

You must have the capacity for self defense. The Founding Fathers understood this simple but intrinsic fact, which is why they insisted that the right of the American people to keep and bear arms, "shall not be infringed" . Your survival, and the survival of your family will be at stake. The only good invader is a dead one. He will not repeat his mistake.

Many in the New Age Movement believe an Age of Enlightenment is coming: a golden age of peace and harmony and understanding. An Age where "peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars". If only that it were true!

We are in the Last Days, and the truth of this time is a grim reality that  will overwhelm all the nations of the earth.

We look forward to a time of peace, love, and brotherhood too, but we know that an expanded consciousness necessary for that harmony, only comes through great spiritual travail. For the whole world to move into an expanded awareness together, to manifest that conciousness, it will take a global travail of unprecedented proportion. This is what is promised in Revelation when God declares: "Except those days be shortened, no flesh shall be saved."

If that is not a Mad Max environment, what is?  Lock and load.


SHTF America recommends a 12 gauge pump shotgun, a Glock handgun of your desired caliber, and a AR-15 .223 with large clips, scope, and laser sight; per adult. We also recommend a bow, or cross bow, and night vision glasses and scopes for the "survival unit"; which may be an extended family, several distinct families, or a group of friends banded together. Children as young as the age of 12 can be assigned an AR-15 and use it effectively with proper education and training.

 A .22 rifle would be good for hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels. Even a weapons grade slingshot can be a cheap, effective, and silent way to hunt small game like quail. We will get into more depth about weapons in a later post. When insanity is rampant in a Mad Max world, there will be no substitute for self defense. If you do not possess that capacity in advance, it will likely be too late to acquire it then.

It's worth repeating. Forewarned is well armed.


Weapon specialists have their favorite rifle, shotgun, hand gun, ammunition, and loads. Weapon specialists are like economists: they all have their opinion as to what the best solution is to solve a problem given a particular set of circumstances. Likewise they have their own good reasons for favoring a particular weapon or ammunition. At SHTF America we  could solve our problems with a .50 caliber machine gun, M-60, or Barrett M82 sniper rifle to pop zombies at one mile out; but this site is designed to inform and equip the typical American family who may not be expert in small arms, but who will need an effective self defense.

M82 Sniper Rifle


If you are a homesteader, cabin dweller, small farmer, suburbanite, inner city resident, renter, or just an accountant on a couple acres outside of town at a "bug out" location; and you and your family are forced to defend your turf: your "back up" may be your wife, teenage daughter, or young son. An AR-15 .223 is a weapon that can be deployed by a 10 year old who is properly educated and trained in its operation. It's effective, accurate, dependable, light, and has little recoil. Another advantage: it is relatively quiet when fired and doesn't make as much noise as some firecrackers. It is an excellent hunting rifle for all game.

For hunting bigger game like elf, bison, bear or moose; or one of those 900 lb monster ferral hogs in Texas, you would be better served by a larger caliber weapon that uses a .308 or 7.62 round. Another advantage of the AR-15 is that you can buy it in the 7.62 caliber version. If your survival unit is a family or extended family and if you live in the northern latitudes of the United States, at least one of your rifles should be 7.62 compliant.

When your rifles have a uniform design, like an AR-15, members of your survival team will have confidence in using another similar weapon, other than their own, and of another caliber. Learn one, you know two. The parts of a particular caliber are interchangeable if under the unlikely scenario that they break, wear out, or become damaged in some way. Not likely under most circumstances, but anything is possible.

If you live in Alaska all of your AR-15 rifles should probably be 7.62 caliber, as the animals that you are likely to encounter there will usually be larger, stronger, and more powerful than those in the lower latitudes. If you live in Hawaii skip the WD 40 in your prep: buy extra sun screen instead, and store wax for your surf board, dude. When the earth finally tilts to the right about thirty degrees, ride that last giant tsunami all the way to nirvana; or Southern California. Whichever comes first.

All of this makes the AR-15 a good weapon the entire family can deploy at a moment's notice. It is for these reasons that it is a SHTF America   "Top Gun".


Hand Gun

Hand guns are like library cards, every intelligent American will possess at least one. According to a friend, a person should have at least one gun for every personality. Jonny has more guns than personalities right now, but he is catching up fast. Or is that the other way around?

Anyway, we like the Glock. You can buy a cheaper hand gun, but the Glock is the standard for SHTF America. Hand guns are more personal than an assault rifle, so you may like the look and feel of another brand or different grip. Investitgate for yourself and buy one that you like; but try to keep the number of different caliber ammo in your armory to a minimum, and stock up on that. Remember you cannot be too rich or too thin, and you cannot have too much ammo after your preps have been acquired.

You may want a  .45 caliber for the extra punch and stopping power, but your wife may be more comfortable with a 9 mm. Do you really need the extra stopping power? A shot to the head is as effective with a 9mm as a shot to the head with a .45 caliber. Why prep another caliber? Just saying.

Every member of the "survival team" should be fitted with rifle, sidearm, combat knife, water canteen, and extra pre-loaded magazines for both weapons. Typically, kids over 12 can handle a 9 mm. Make sure they are educated, trained, and practiced with it under strict supervision. A Glock 9 mm is pictured below. A .45 will be larger and heavier, and it will produce more recoil. Most women will likely be better served with the 9 mm, but hand guns and ammunition are always a personal choice. There are probably some women out there who pack a .44 magnum and make Dirty Harry look like a preacher, but they likely have too much testosterone for SHTF America. In the hand gun category, a Glock of your desired caliber is our "Top Gun".

Glock 19  9 mm


If you must have a combat knife, and yes you must, you should make it an AR-15 bayonet that can be attached to your rifle. Make sure your rifle is equiped with a receiving lug to accept it. We are not suggesting that it will come down to hand to hand combat in a Mad Max environment; we are just suggesting that you get the most utility out of your combat knife and rifle, and that is one way to do it. Each individual should have his or her "weapons tote bag" at the ready with their utility belt measured and loaded, extra magazines, ammo belts, and tactical gear like scopes and night vision glasses. All gear should be prepared in advance,  stored, and well secured until its necessary for training or deployment.

AR-15 Bayonet


A standard compound bow, or a crossbow like the one pictured below, will be an excellent way to hunt small and mid-size game quietly, and not disclose your location in a SHTF America scenario. It is possible to bring down a deer or javalina with a bow. Bow and arrow worked for the Indians who were here before us, and this weapon can work very well for us too, as the technology has been scientifically advanced, multiplying its power and effectiveness.


Shotguns are as personal as their owner. Our favorite at SHTF America is the Ithica 37 pistol grip, 13.5 inch barrel, military style, 12 gauge pump. Maybe because we want to try it out on the Terminator, and it is just sooo sexy! The great thing about Ithica shotguns is that they were the first to locate the receiver  underneath, on the bottom of the weapon, making loading equally accessible for either a left-handed or right-handed user. This weapon is definitely designed for engaging the enemy at close quarters.

See what we mean? Awsome! Is it sexy, or what? Realistically we have to recommend the Remington 870 Mariner 12 gauge pump, with a 20 inch barrel, as the SHTF America "Top Gun" in the shotgun category. It gives you eight shells fully loaded, and if you haven't taken the bad guy out with that, he probably is the Terminator, so run like hell! The Mariner also has a bottom loading receiver, but ejects on the side. Experiment with your ammunition. Use a shell and a load that is comfortable for you and appropriate for the task.

Remember that you can use deer slugs, which is a single projectile, in your shotgun as well. The versatility of the shotgun is what makes it so valuable as a weapon of choice. In a confrontation with an intruder, always maintain a three shotgun length distance between yourself and the invader, or at least six feet. That is the maximum distance that you can allow an unarmed intruder to advance toward you inside your residence without taking remedial action. Any intruder advancing towards you in spite of your weapon, intends to disarm you and do you serious bodily harm. Take remedial action. What is remedial action? Blow his freaking head off!

Remington Mariner 870 12 Gauge Shotgun


Finally, we come to a weapons quality slingshot. Sure, laugh if you want. Goliath probably laughed too. When he did, it cost him his head. We are not suggesting that you confront an intruder with a slingshot. We are suggesting that it can be an effective, quiet weapon against small game like quail, squirrel, or rabbit. Those of you in the inner cities, like New York City,  will be eating pidgeons when the SHTF in America.

Say what, my man? Pidgeons. Squabs.

It will be  better to eat pidgeons than to starve to death or to cannibalize your neighbors and eat their pets.  If you live in the City during a SHTF America scenario, and your pet comes up missing, keep a close eye on your neighbor, because he may be targeting you next. Keeping your "friends close and your enemies closer" in that scenario, may be a receipe for disaster. Excuse the pun.

A slingshot can kill small game so you can cook and eat it. It can save you precious ammo. It will not give away your position to others, and it will not bring the MAN down on you when they triangulate the "shot" using shot location accoustic technology. Find one you like and practice with it. If you run out of ball bearings, break down a double or triple ought shotgun shell. Every survival team must have at least one "wrist rocket". They are inexpensive, so really, everyone could have one to hunt small game and save ammo. If you run out of ammo, use marbles or stones. Stones worked well enough for David: if necessary, stones can work for you.


It's a SHTF America World

No human being in their right mind looks forward to a time where weapons like those displayed on this page must actually be used against another human soul; even in self defense. Unfortunately, like it or not, we live in very troubled times. These are the Last Days. We know it, you know it. Even our government knows it, which is why they are building deep underground bunkers like the 300,000 square foot complex at the Denver Airport: and similar structures like it around the country for the political and financial elite in those areas; on your tax dollar.

There are reports, as yet unconfirmed by SHTF America, that the US Government is monopolizing the purchase of a certain freeze-dried survival food manufacturer's production, and that supplies of their product will not be available until the government purchase is complete.

Everyone should prep a bag of qwik-crete so we can seal them in when the SHTF: a just reward for a Congress of Courageous Patriots looking to save themselves while leaving the American people to rot on the surface, fend for themselves, and piss into the wind. Be comforted by the fact that there is a special place in hell for liars, cheats, hypocrites, and cowards like them. They have much to answer for already.

Speaking of the Latter Days, the Bible says that "those who seek to save their life shall lose it". Do you think that God was talking about preppers exercising prudence and wisdom as they go about their daily lives; in the world, but not of the world? Or do you think God was referring to those selfish, cowardly souls, also known as Congress?

How it all shapes up and falls out is anyone's guess, but these times are likely to get much worse before they get better. But even if they do get better, it will only be the lull before the storm. The Bible promises a period of peace and safety before all hell breaks loose; and we haven't reached the point of peace and safety yet, so don't be deceived and lulled into complacency by the Lame Stream Media. They are a tool of the New World Order that is trying to destroy America. When the world shouts: "peace and safety!" Intensify your prep: SHTF America is right around the corner and its time to head out to your bug out location.

These Last Days will bring out the best and worse within the human spirit. Times like these always do; and these times are going to be so difficult and so deadly, that the Bible tells us that: " Except those days be shortened, no flesh shall be saved".

The best that we can do, is to do the best we can with what we have to work with, keep our chin up, be of good cheer, and encourage our family, friends, and neighbors to do the same. Pray and prep are good words to live by. As bad as it gets for you and yours; someone, somewhere else, probably will have it much worse. Be grateful. Obedience is better than sacrifice and gratitude is better than praise. Give a heart felt thanks to Divine Providence, America, and multiply your blessings.


Discuss these conditions and possible situations with family and friends. Encourage them to prepare too. If you don't include them, but you prepare for the difficult days ahead by yourself; your family and friends will rely on your assistance and want your help then, when the SHTF in America, and it is likely that you will not be able to supply that assistance without compromising your ability to provide for your own family unit. The family that prays together stays together. The family that stays together, preps together. Get everyone on the same page.

Forwarned is well armed. Lock and load.