Assault Rifles

Tricon M6A2
LWRC Tricon

The Tricon was designed and developed by a former navy seal, Jeff Gonzales, President of Trident Concepts to serve a multi mission combat role for the U.S. Marines Corp. First, as the standard battle weapon for Marine riflemen which is the core of the Marine Corp combat unit; and second, as a light automatic weapon to support the basic fire team.

The advantages of the Tricon are numerous. The basic architecture is congruent with the M16/M4 design standard. It is magazine fed, and capable of sustained automatic fire with extended, high capacity magazines. To the enemy, a Fire Team Leader with a Tricon in full automatic mode looks no different than other members of his Fire Team.

Because it is magazine fed rather than belt fed, as in other, older automatic weapons like the SAW, the bolt is closed and the first round chambered, creating a 99.7% first round ignition probability. This also eliminates some potential maintenance problems encountered by belt fed weapons.

The Tricon has a reliable, patented short stroke gas piston system for operation and this development in assault riles has proven superior to conventional gas operating systems. In an interview with Guns & Ammo Magazine, in the November 2010 issue, Gonzales relates that during testing more than 19,000 rounds were fired prior to shooting sub-MOA groups with the same rifle and without cleaning it. Needless to say, he was quite pleased with its performance. 19,000 rounds is a lot of bad guys, even if you are a bad shot and very nearsighted. Add your own optics.

The barrel is heavier in the Tricon than the M4 to accomodate higher rates of fire and the greater demands placed on the weapon in its role as a light machine gun. Rifling was designed to increase barrel life, reduce friction, and increase velocity. The barrel is also fluted and that reminded me of my old Haig, Ultradyene II golf clubs with the counter-torgue shaft; which didn't do much for a really bad slice every now and then, and this is similar. It trims some weight and provides better balance, but at the end of the day, you are still the shooter. Practice.

Tricon Without Scope, Magazine, Or Hand Grip

This multi purpose assault rifle can be used for accurate sniping, standard field operations, or as a light machine gun. It clearly seems to be the front runner in the next generation of assault rifles. Check Guns & Ammo November 2010 for a great read on a superb weapon.

Ruger SR 556

Ruger SR 556 With Scope, Magazine And Grip

The Ruger SR 556 is the hometown favorite. Hometown favorite because it is forged in Prescott Arizona, which Prescott claims, is: "Everybody's Hometown!"

Sloguns aside, it looks like Ruger got this one right. No fluted barrel, but it does come equiped with a patent pending, chrome plated, two stage piston driven operating system; and an M4 styled six position telescoping buttstock. The quadrail handguard provides ample space for lasers and optics.

It boasts a cold hammered moly-chrome-vanadium 41v45 steel barrel forged in house, chrome lined inner barrel to resist corrosion, a chrome plated bolt, and a one piece bolt carrier and extractor. Pistol grip is standard M4 fare, still the weapon is well designed and hey, it is a Ruger isn't it? Awesome product, which meets the standard set by Ruger founder, William B Ruger:

              “to a standard so I would want one even if it was made by our competitors.”

It fills the bill, Bill!

Ruger SR 556 And 556C